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About MTM Tackle Boxes

I started this company, well, because of The Box! I grew up on the coast of the Carolinas, and while tackle in the 60's wasn't that elaborate, it has certainly evolved to be just that. With that, old and new skills evolved and people are putting their visions to paper and design, I happen to love working with wood, in my mind, when I see something, I visualize how I could make it better, or improve the things people are doing to their item, because it's not totally working for their wants and needs.


I've spent the last 37 years, loving to fish the Local, and Long Range waters of the west coast. I couldn't afford the tackle most of the Long Range guys had, but did notice these guys would show up with 6-12 different rod combination setups, each mostly custom built hand tied rods and matching reels, investing thousands, and they had these cheap plastic tackle boxes, Not their fault! Their really wasn't an alternative for them. They screwed whatever wood scraps they could find in the garage to the bottoms to get them up off the deck, and screwed the cheapest aluminum tubing to the sides so they could have the appropriate setup for that day's fishing. Here's a beautiful $1000 setup sitting in .50 cent aluminum tubes, screwed to the side of a plastic box. Just didn't do justice to the time and expense that fisherman spent to get it, his way! 


My thoughts, build the ultimate wood tackle box, that, well okay, it's pretty, but very adaptable to us fisherman's every day changes in what we're gonna target that day. No matter what coast, or boat, or no boat kind of fisherman you are, I wanted a box that would work for everyone, and, well because I can't seem to build anything without wanting it to be perfect and unique, this is the result.


Sooooo, if your gonna build the ultimate tackle box, you better start with the best wood and best hardware. TEAK has been used, well, since mariners started building boats, mainly because  it's one of the oiliest woods, and it's natural abilities to fight off moisture and rot.

They didn't have paints and sealers we have now, all natural is what they had to work with, and it lasted generations. Keeping with that mind set, MTM TACKLE BOXES, came to life. I wanted a box that could literally be handed down, generation to generation!


I didn't stop at the best wood either. Every piece of hardware, every screw, lock nut, and washer is 316 stainless steel. The ultimate metal for the marine environment, The rod holders are T6 heavy duty aluminum, custom built for the box. The black trim and corner doweling is wenge.  It's extremely hard and has the natural oiliness I was looking for, I decided to put a great 2 part polyurethane finish on the outside. Great stuff around the water that resists water spots, and has a really hard shell to protect the box. I decided  to finish the inside naturally and use a natural tone teak stain,


So, why develop and build something that I know, in the end, will be expensive? Bottom line, good stuff ain't cheap! If you want the best, you gotta start with the best materials, I truly believe that this is, Your Grandson's, Grandson Tackle Box! 

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